Kaathalae Kaathalae Lyrics with meaning in English / translations from 96 Tamil film can also be spelled as Kadhale Kadhale. The ear-soothing Tamil track has been hummed by Kalyani Menon, Chinmayi Sripaada with suitable music composition created by Govind Vasantha.

Karthik Netha is the songwriter for KAATHALAE KATHALE or KADHALE full song lyrics.

Konjum pooranamae vaa,
Come to me, my entirety.
Nee Konjum ezhlisaiyae,
You are my seven musical notes.

Panjavarna boodham,
My Five great elements.
Nenjam niraiyuthae,
My heart is brimming.
Kaanbathellaam kaadhaladi,
Whatever I see is love.

Kaadhalae kaadhalae,
Love, Love..
Thani perunthunaiyae,
Is the biggest lonely companion.
Kooda vaa, kooda vaa,
Come with me Come with me
Pothum pothum
That is more than enough.

Kadhale kadhale,
Love Love
Vaazhvin neelam
Till the end of life
Pogalaam poga vaa nee,
Lets travel. Come with me.