cover pic Kaun Hoyega song lyrics B Praak ammy virk sargunKAUN HOYEGA LYRICS with ENGLISH TRANSLATION (Kaun Aayega Song)- This Punjabi song featuring demanding duo of multi-talented artist Ammy Virk and the most gorgeous actress Sargun Mehta is a latest song from their forthcoming Punjabi movie titled as Qismat. The satisfying male vocals in song are from B Praak, who is also composer of music and female vocals are lent by Divya Bhatt. Here are the lyrics to full song Kaun Hoyega verses which are jotted down by Jaani.

The lovely duet Punjabi romantic song KAUN HOYEGA has been receiving enormous positive response from its listeners, this son has hit more than 2 million YouTube views in just about 24 hours and yet still counting. The global audience can read the meaning of song verses and get the translation of Kaun Hoyega song lyrics by B Praak , Jaani on this page.

Je main nai tere kol te
Fir kaun hoyega
Rooh meri tadpegi
Jaani dil vi royega -x2.

If not me, who else would be with you
My soul would yen for your
And my heart also shall cry, dear.

Mera vi ji nai lagna
Do din wich mar jau sajjna
Main paagal ho jaana
Main vi te kho jana.

My heart also wont be able to make it without you,
I would die in two days,
I shall go crazy,
I also would be lost without you.

Je teri-meri tut gayi
Haye ve rab vi royega,

If it ends between us,
God also would cry

Je main nayi tere kol te
Phir kaun hoyega,
Rooh meri tadpegi jaani
Dil vi royega -x2.

If its not me, who else would it be to be with you
Soul of mine would wriggle and heart would cry without you, dear.

Jis din milaan na tainu
Kuch khaas nai lagdi
Mainu bhukh nai lagdi
Mainu pyaas nai lagdi -x2,

The day I dont see you
Nothing seems so special to me,
I dont feel of eating
And I dont feel to drink.

Tu phul te main khushbu
Tu chan te main taara
Kiddan lagna ae samandar
Je na hoye kinara,

Youre a flower and Im your scent,
Youre moon and Im a star,
How would the ocean look with no bank around it

Na koyi teriyan bahan de wich
Sir rakh soyega,

No one would sleep in your arms

Jay mai nayi tere kol te
Fer kaun hoyega,
Rooh meri tarpegi jaani dil vi royega -x2.

Darling, if not me, who else is supposed to be with you,
My soul would crave for you and heart shall cry without you.

Mainu aadat pai gayi teri
Jaani ve es tarah,

Mashli nu paani di lorh ae jis tarah -x2,

Honey, Im used to your company like a fish needs water.

Tu manzil te main raah
Ho sakde ni judaa
Haye kade vi suraj bin
Hundi ni subah.

Youre a destiny and Im path to you,
Cannot be separated,
It has never been morning without sun.

Tu khud nu layi sambhal
Zakham mere allah dhoyega.

My beloved, you do take care of yourself,
And my god spare me of my sins.

Jey main nai tere kol te
Fir kaun hoyega
Ruh meri tarhpegi jani dil vi royega -x2.

If Im not to be beside you,
Who else should it be
Soul of mine has intense desire of you and my heart also sob without you.

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