Leekan Lyrics with English translation on request are here The song is pleasantly performed by Amrinder Gill from his latest Punjabi film Ashke. Raj Ranjodh is lyricist of the song leekan lines and musical part is well managed by Jatinder Shah.

Jurhde tere naa de supne sargi wele nu -x2,
I start to dream of you in the early mornings.

Dil eh kenda arhiye akhaan nahiyo kholaniya
Tera suarkh dupatta sumbrey rooh de vehde ni,

The heart says not to open eyes and wake-up,
Your red waving dupatta/shawl/scarf gratifies my soul,

Sikh gaye bull tere ankahiyan gallan bolaniya,
Rab diya fazlan te rukhsar tera je disda ae
Gunjlan ishq diyan main tere naal farolaniya,
Laude wele howe deewa baari jagda ni,

Your lips have learnt to speak the things which were never-told,
The beautiful cheeks are blessings of god,
I want to solve the mysteries of love with you,
In the evening, there be a lantern in window.

Tere hth main leekan pne naa diyan tollaniya -x2.
And I want to see your hand and find fate lines which connect to my name.

Meri suhi pgri tera rangla choorha ni,
Mainu fikde nu rng ishq da chadey goorha ni -x2,

My red turban and your colorful bangle-set,
I, a dulled one have been well-colored in your love.

Tere nin ni mainu reejhn la jande vehnde ne
Poor hunda disda har ik khaab dhoora ni,

When your eyes stare at for a long,
I feel like every dream of mine is coming true.

Anparh khiyan ne teri kh di boli sikhni ae,
These uneducated eyes want to learn the language of your eyes,
In a way to understand the signs of your eyes.

Na hun rj ne adiye
Hor kitban folaniya -x2,

Raj doesnt want to read books anymore.

Tere mthe utte tikka jhoote peengha ni
Plkan jhukiyn-jhukiyan lagdiyan ne shrmaiyan ni -x2,

Your head-locked swings on your forehead,
And the looking-down eyelashes seem to be shy.

Min vi deekan ni kad bul gulabi bolan ge,
Batn ishq diyan jo akhiyn de naal piyan ni,

Even I am also just waiting for the pink lips to open-up and say something,
Yet you have been talking to me with your eyes

Ni min jarh ke teri chunni tara-taara ni,

I would fix stars all over your dupatta/shawl/scarf.

Tere mathe utte chann diy rishma gholniya -x2.
And make your face glow in moonlight.