Nit Di Ladai Lyrics with English translation are here, and you can get to know the meaning of song lyrics in English language.

Nit Di Ldai Koln Tang Ayi A,
Par Tenu Rab Kolo Mang Ayi Aa -x2,


I Am Fed Up Of The Daily Fights Between Us,
But Yet I Have Asked For You In My Prayers.


Sat Janman Layi Teri Hoi Soneya,
Tahiyon Kar Mere Kolo dd Hunda Nayi,


I Believe That Im Yours For Over 7 Lives,
Thats Why I Cant Separate You Away From Me.


Vichad Ke Kehra Lokki Mr Jande Aa
Par Mitho Dilo Tenu Kadd Hunda Nayi -x2.


Where Got People Die After Separating
But Still I Cant Take You Out Of My Heart.


Han Maar-maar Mithiyan Manaun Aunda Ae,
Par Hadhon Vdh Vi Satauna Aunda Ae -x2,


You Know Really Well, To Convince Me,
But Youre The One To Disturb Me Off The Limits.


Khoon Deke Boot Ishqe Da Paaleya
Taiyon Hthi Mere Kolon Vadd Hunda Nai,


I Have Raised This Plant Of Our Love Feeding My Blood Over It,
Its The Reason I Cant Stop Loving And And Cut This Plant.


Vichad Ke Kehd Lokki Mar Jaande A
Parr Maitho Dilo Tainu Kdd Hunda Nayi -x2.


After Separations Also, People Still Live,

But Yet I Cant Get You Out Of My Heart And Forget You.


Han Jaan-jaan Kahton Tu Stauna Mainu Das Ve
Bhar Gya Dil
Yaan Gya Maitho Akk Ve -x2,


Tell Me My Love, Why Do You Torment Me Intentionally
You Already Have Enough Of My Love Or Youre Fed Up Of Me.


Min Te Wafadar Haan Ve Pehle Din Ton,
Ese Lyi Taan Dilon Tainu Kdd Hunda Nai,


I Am Honest With You Since Day One,
Thats Why Cant Take You Out Of My Heart.


Vishd Ke Kehda Lokki Mar Jaande a
Parr Maitho Dilo Tinu Kadd Hunda Nayi -x2.



Har Ik Gll Te Khayal Tera Rakheya
Ese D Hi Vindera Tu Rajj Fayida Chkkeya -x2,


Every Single Moment, I Have Cared For You,
And Thats Why You Have Taken Advantage Of My Love Today.


Dohan D Kasur Jaane Nthu Majra
Taiyon Tan Pyar Satho Rdh Hunda Nai


Poet Nathu Majra Considers Both Resoponsible For It
That Is Why We Cant Disapprove Our Love.


Vichhad Ke Kehd Loki Mar Jande Aa
Par Metho Dilon Tenu Kadd Hunda Nai -x2.


After Separating, Where Got People Die They Still Do Live,
But Still I Cannot Get You Out Of My Heart.